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SMS messaging is one of the fastest growing communication formats in the Nigeria.  Companies, clubs, celebrations, religious organizations and individuals have discovered the power of contacting clients and friends quickly and economically through the power of SMS messages to cell phones.  

We offer high quality and reliable SMS services at outstanding prices!

SMS Features Include:
  • Our high quality SMS Gateway insures quick and reliable SMS delivery.
  • Custom Sender IDs allow you to brand your SMS messages to your customers using your organization's identity.
  • Schedule SMS delivery for special events!  You can schedule SMS for critical message reminders before events.
  • You can send Long SMS Messages (over 160 characters) that are delivered as a single long SMS, up to 459 characters.
  • Send SMS to cell phones on Zain, Glo Mobile, MTN, and Etisalat networks in Nigeria and globally too.
  • SMS API for sending SMS from your own desktop software and website. Find out more here.
  • Your SMS credits do not expire!

  You can earn money with us no matter your current job or what state you are in Nigeria. All you need do is get somebody to purchase from us and you earn a 5% commission. People are earning money with us everyday. Whatever the amount you earn we will pay out to any of your bank account within 24 hours of receiving money from the client. We can also pay using recharge card (if the amount you earned is small).

Your earnings will depend as below.

For 20,000 - 100,000 numbers sold (You earn 5% commission)

For 100,000 - 500,000 numbers sold (You earn 5% commission)

For 500,000 - 1 Million numbers sold (You earn 5% commission)

For 1 Million - 10 Million numbers sold (You earn 5% commission)

For 10 Million - 18 Million numbers sold (You earn 5% commission)

Your company can advertise by SMS.
Your church/Mozque can send messages by SMS.
Your community can broadcast their monthly or annual meetings by SMS.
Private individuals can advertise by SMS.
Anybody who sells can advertise by SMS.
Companies or private individuals can make announcements.

The list of people who can use SMS marketing is endless. Now that you know all you need do is get somebody to purchase from us and earn commission. We simply love giving back to people.


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